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        New York Fashion Week - S/S 2016

        Fashion Shenzhen

        See below for step-by-step tutorial

        Step-by-Step Tutorial

        Ponytail with Graphic Crisscrossing

        Hair Stylist: Jon Reyman

        Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
        Ceramic+ion? Supreme Combo Paddle Brush, NanoThermic? Styling Brush NT---S9R
        & Style-Up? Boar Combo Teasing Brush (STU-CO)

        Step 1: Create a center part using the end of a Style-Up Combo Teasing Brush.

        Step 2: Dampen hair with styling product.

        Step 3: Blow dry hair with a NanoThermic Styler NT‐S9R Brush.

        Step 4: Section the front of part from ear to ear with the end of a Style up Combo Teasing Brush. Hold section with clips.

        Step 5: Brush back remaining hair with the Ceramic+ion Supreme Combo Paddle Brush.

        Step 6: Secure into a clean low pony and secure with elastic.

        Step 7: Unclip sectioned hair and liberally apply styling product.

        Step 8: Smooth styling product through hair with the Ceramic+ion Supreme Combo Paddle Brush.

        Step 9: Tuck sections behind ear and wrap remaining ends of hair in a crisscross pattern.
        Secure with pins.

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