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        New York Fashion Week - S/S 2016

        David Ferreira for VFiles

        See below for step-by-step tutorial

        Step-by-Step Tutorial

        Wig wrap with the crown section falling over the wrap
        to the back of the head

        Hair Stylist: Jon Reyman

        Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
        Style-Up? Combo Teasing Brush & CarboSilk? Comb CS-‐C2

        Step 1: Dampen hair with styling foam and firm hold gel.

        Step 2: Take a circular section at the crown of the head and pin it out of way.

        Step 3: Create a deep part at back of the head with the pointy end of the Style-Up Combo brush.

        Step 4: Starting from the part, work the hair around the circumference of the head with the CarboSilk Comb to wrap head. Clip into place for drying.

        Step 5: Set hair with blowdryer + diffuser. Remove clips.

        Step 6: Un-‐pin circular crown section and drop back over wrap.

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