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        Chris Appleton Masterclass

        Fabulous AF 2018

        See below for step-by-step tutorial

        High Fashion Ponytail
        Step-by-Step Tutorial

        Hair Stylist: Chris Appleton

        Step 1: Blow dry hair with the Ceramic+ion? Hair Dryer in the direction of the ponytail using the Supreme? Combo brush.

        Step 2: Take a small inch wide section starting at the top of the forehead going to the back of the crown and create a small braid. Secure braid with a clear rubber elastic.

        Step 3: Using clip-in extensions, clip in clockwork direction around the head leaving 2’’ around the hairline to ensure the extensions are covered.

        Step 4: Use hair spray all around the roots and brush hair up with the Divine? Boar Brush into a high ponytail positioned 1’’ in front of the crown. Secure with a bungee elastic for a firm hold.

        Step 5: Add a clear rubber elastic an inch away from the bungee cord so you can comfortably secure the rest of the ponytail.

        Step 6: Smooth hair with the Style-Up? Teasing Brush and apply hair spray over the hairline for a snatched finish.

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